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What is Arizona Handloading Institute?


With so many books, YouTube videos, and DVDs available to teach the beginner how to handload his or her own ammunition, there is no substitute for visual and hands-on instruction from an experienced professional. Whether you’re loading on a single-stage or progressive press, loading for rifle or handgun, or you’re a beginning or intermediate skill level handloader, Arizona Handloading Institute can design an information packed instruction session customized to your specific needs.


From choosing the right tools and reloading bench optimization for maximum motion efficiency to crafting precision handloads tailored to one specific firearm, Arizona Handloading Institute provides a broad range of instruction covering all these topics in half or full-day classes for individuals or small groups in the familiar surroundings of your own home.  Using my textbook, "The Reloading Process", you can master all the material in it, or you can make to order your own day of instruction covering only the topics you choose. No two students have the same instruction needs, and no book, YouTube video, or DVD can customize a program to teach only what you want, but Arizona Handloading Institute can, and it brings that instruction right to your home. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.

About the Instructor


Rob started handloading under the supervision of a shooting friend and neighbor in 1967. From 1985 to 1995, he owned and operated a large volume commercial ammunition manufacturing firm. As that business matured and gained market share, its weekly production output was at 150,000 rounds of handgun and rifle ammunition. During those years he also began offering monthly group handloading classes.  In 1996, Rob was asked by the editor of Petersen’s Handguns Magazine to be the Handloading Editor of that nationally circulated monthly publication. In 2004, his first book, Mermelstein’s Guide to Metallic Cartridge Evolution, was published by Sinclair International. Rob is consulted by shooters and reloaders from all over the country about an array of firearms and handloading topics. Now, with his newest handloading instruction manual, The Reloading Process, he provides half and full-day instruction in the art of safe cartridge assembly for individuals and groups in Arizona.


Rob Mermelstein, Instructor and Consultant


(623) 451-5289

Serving Greater Metro Phoenix, West Valley, East Valley, Flagstaff and Tucson

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